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New editions of the Animators coming soon? WITH PETS!!!

Merida is BEAUTIFUL. Belle wears so many dresses in the movie, but they dress her like this?! Her other gold dress is much prettier. And Cinderella… an odd mix of the first two editions. O.o

Thank you, Radio Disney Club, for this update! More pics on their page:

Merida’s got Angus!!! How adorable!!

They look so much better than the last editions aside from Belle.


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Another Walking Dead mashup by Bob’s storyboard artist Damon Wong


Animation Re-animation!

"Bob’s Burger’s" fall premiere Oct 5th and "The Walking Dead" premiere Oct 12th…  So of course I had to do another mashup.  This time Gene as Glenn; Teddy as Well Walker; Bob as Rick; Linda as Lori; and Louise as Daryl.  

Yes… those are cheese burgers coming out of Teddy.

This is amazing…