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C for Compass

Sometimes when you are not around I remember how broken I am. I feel beautifully broken…like Edie or that See the Light music video…or the Just Like a Woman Bob Dylan song..just troubled. Searching always. Fighting with myself. ..literally picking myself apart. Happy…new…alive…energetic…then dark…confused. ..sad and alone. Two opposing pieces of a map without its compass. You must be that compass…keeping me together. Feeling as normal as I can and forgetting the dread inside. The struggle that to some does not exist. To some looks like nothing.

But it’s not nothing. I need you to be complete.

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New editions of the Animators coming soon? WITH PETS!!!

Merida is BEAUTIFUL. Belle wears so many dresses in the movie, but they dress her like this?! Her other gold dress is much prettier. And Cinderella… an odd mix of the first two editions. O.o

Thank you, Radio Disney Club, for this update! More pics on their page:

Merida’s got Angus!!! How adorable!!

They look so much better than the last editions aside from Belle.